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Do you remember Tomy Turbo Racing Dashboard from 1983 and SEGA moto champ from 1973? moto ЯKD dash is a recreation of the toy 'moto' made in bulgaria in 1980, followed by an lcd version in '81 and an arcade game in '87.

This is a remake of the mobile game moto ЯKD dash for desktop computers.The main change is the horizontal screen orientation (16X9) that includes:

  • new main menu
  • new in game HUD
  • post processing effects
  • keyboard / 360 controller support
  • more features to come

Please check out the mobile version, since this game is not a substitute

Game features

HOMEPAGE << music, wallpapers, info

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itch.io page

CNET Best of October

Touch Arcade 4 star review

iTunes, Google Play, SlideME, Amazon

  • simple arcade gameplay
  • extremely fast 3D graphics at 60FPS
  • deep trance sound
  • 9+ levels
  • unlockable bonus game
  • Thanks for looking!


    moto RKD dash demo windows 50 MB
    moto RKD dash demo macOS 56 MB
    moto RKD dash demo linux 56 MB


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    The latest update i made to the game

    For the beginning of 2017 we've got:

    - Magic marker graphic mode (with colored markers).

    - A very cool NEON mode (you can reach out and touch them glowing lines).

    - 16BIT mega-cd mode (complete with blast processing and an amazing 320X224 high definition graphics).

    - Gamepad rumble!



    Thanks for looking!


    Gamepad gliches on Linux and macOS are gone!!!

    The space bugs have been eliminated!
    Any gamepad similar to the xbox or DualShock should work on any OS. The update is coming very soon, besides the fixes, there are visual changes and an addition to the gameplay for bigger scores.

    Good morning to everyone...

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    A great article on SEGA EM games from the 1960s.

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    Thank you very much guys!!!

    A quick overview of the world of moto RKD dash, a miniature electromechanical model.

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    The SHMUP syndrome... too much art for a very short game. See the teams.

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    An interesting view on things in this update.

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    For the final level of the game we needed to abruptly change the the pace and close with something unexpected. As with everything in life, things happen at the right moment and Approxima Astrolabos joined the game with a tune he just recorded the day before and it was a perfect fit. His ability to find the ghost in the machine and reveal it to us through sound is unparalleled by anyone else.

    Just close your eyes and experience the final level by listening to JAPANTECH.

    Thank You,

    please vote on GreenLight we're so close!

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    A little salute to the guy that made the music of moto RKD dash!

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    Hey guys, just managed to 'finish' the PC version of moto RKD dash and submitted it to Steam Greenlight, please, please check it out and vote!!

    To celebrate the Steam Greenlight submission i'll make the iOS and Android version FREE on the 1st of april, no joke!!