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o you remember Tomy Turbo Racing Dashboard from 1983 and SEGA moto champ from 1973? moto ЯKD dash is a recreation of the toy 'moto' made in bulgaria in 1980, followed by an lcd version in '81 and an arcade game in '87.

Ten levels, simple arcade gameplay, extremely fast 3D graphics at 60FPS, a complete bonus game (after the game is beat), amazing soundtrack by Kliment and approxima astrolabos!

No DLC, NO in game advertising, NO in app purchases, just a burst of fun... like old times!


CNET Best of October

Touch Arcade 4 star review :P

iTunes, Google Play, SlideME, Amazon


motoRKDdash_1.6.4.apk 89 MB

Also available on


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Heard you used Silo in this - awesome! Would love to hear your feedback and ideas for development now that we're back to actively developing it. Drop us a line at info@nevercenter.com and we'll get you in touch with the devs!

A great article on SEGA EM games from the 1960s.

My PC brother has been blessed! Thank you very much!

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The iOS version is free now. Check out https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id9875533...

If you have a modern iPad play it there, the experience is as it must be.